An Egyptian actress with the utmost passion and strive for her career, Riham Abdel Ghaffour is a force to be reckoned with in the creative field. Born in 1978, Riham was surrounded by an artistic family; her father being actor Ashraf Abdel Ghaffour. Her fame skyrocketed when she was cast in Zeezenya series with Yehia El Fakharany. Her strong performances landed her a resilient fan base as well as the variety of performances – from cinema, to theatre and television. Riham’s films include El Academeya, Alayya El Tarb Betalata, Gaalatny Mogriman, Hareem Karim, Malaky Eskenderia and Sehr El Oyoun, Kan Yowm Hobak. While her acting was loved and admired on the big screen, her most popular TV series were Alkaysar, Harrit El Yahood, Mariam, Tofahet Adam, Al Daayya, Al Rayan, Afrah Eblis, Bent men Shobra & many more. Furthermore, Riham’s most memorable on-stage experience was in Al Malek Leer. Lately, she starred with an exceptional role in La Totefea El Shams & Ramadan Karim series. Riham won several awards for her drama achievements as well as the Dear Guest Award for her roles in El Daayya 2013 & Mariam 2015


The Cell (Film)


La Totefea El Shams (Drama)


Ramadan Karim (Drama)


El Zebaque (Drama)


El Kaisar (Drama)


Kelmet Ser (Drama)


El Haram El Rabe' (Film)


Mariam (Drama)


Haret El Yahoud (Drama)


Tofahet Adam (Drama)


El Daa'ya (Drama)


El Rayan (Drama)


Afrah Iblis (Drama)


Agamista (Film)


Gaalatny Mogreman (Film)


Harim Karim (Film)


El Ameel 1001 (Drama)


Fares Bela Gawad (Drama)


El Malek Leer (Play)


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