A passion for writing and a degree in architecture, Hesham El Kheshen is the epitome of innovative storytelling. He began his creative journey in 2010, publishing short stories called Hekayat Masreya Gedan, and later experimented by writing novels as well as a variety of short stories. Kheshen’s books have always reached successful peaks, with most of his books selling out due to its popularity. He also published two novels named Ma Waraa El Abwab and 7 Ayam Fel Tahreer which ended up being a hit television series. His latest novel Telal Al Akasya was nominated for the Booker Prize Award in 2015


Telal Al Acasia 






Adam El Masry 


Ma Waraa' El Abwab 


Sabaa' Ayam Fel Tahrir 


Hekayat Masryya Gedan 


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